Mental Skills for Success: Prepare Yourself For Battle and Create Your Pre-Performance Routine

Many table tennis players think that the match starts with the first serve. Technically it’s correct but realistically it’s a serious blunder. What you had for breakfast, how well and the way you warmed up, and what you did right before your match–all these factors powerfully influence your performance. Everything you do mentally and physically […]

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Susan Sarandon Super Ping Pong Ambassador

When I first picked up a paddle at Club Statisztika in Budapest, Hungary I never imagined the places I could go playing table tennis. From traveling around the world playing juniors to meeting other amazing athletes with the Olympics—Ping Pong opened many doors for me to make friends, experience other cultures, and ultimately find a […]

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Stellan Bengtsson Interview: Table Tennis World Champion and World Class Coach

I had the honor to conduct an interview with Stellan Bengtsson, Swedish Table Tennis World Champion who has no less than 10 World Championship and 13 European Championship medals to his credit. Currently, he is living and coaching table tennis in the San Diego with his wife and business partner Angie. You can visit their […]

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