Table Tennis Book Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros! Released

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Kathy Toon and I are really excited to have published the ebook, Get Your Game Face On Like The Pros! This is an extended version of my first book, Get Your Game Face On! Table Tennis.

If you want to perform your best during table tennis matches and tournaments, you will need to attain and keep your energy at optimal levels. You will need it most especially during the highest level of competition.  Being in this optimal energy level is called being in the zone, in flow, or what I call bringing your Game Face on.

This book will help you get your Game Face so you can perform your best. You will achieve this by creating your own customize personal Game Face Routine that you execute between points. Through this you will be able to play your best. But what if you are not satisfied with your best? What if you want to take your table tennis performance to higher new levels?

You may not realize it, but other areas of your life affect your energy and performance. In this edition, you will also learn how to increase your optimal level, as well as, make your Game Face more consistent through the Game Face Training program. This involves developing and living your lifestyle habits such as sleep, nutrition, mental training, relationships, working, studying, and even taking care of your living environment. Each of these areas in your life is important and will affect your performance.

If you want to be a champion, you have to take care of everything. When I say champion, I mean not just for table tennis, but for LIFE as well. We live in a community and we have to not only perform our best, but also relate and connect with each other. This helps us all reach our optimal energy level to be successful and happy. This is what matters in the long run!

I hope you enjoy the book! A paperback version is coming soon which will be helpful for those who wish to keep a copy with them in their gym bag for reference.

Contact me if you are interested in getting faster results by having an individual mental performance consultation with me or if you have any questions about the book.

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